There's No Reason to Risk Your Future

There's No Reason to Risk Your Future

Hire our assault lawyer in Sioux Falls, SD to defend you

Assault crime covers a variety of charges, and all of them carry serious consequences. You shouldn't risk your future by facing assault charges on your own. Turn to Landeen Law, P.C. and team up with an experienced assault lawyer to argue your case.

With decades of courtroom experience, Tiffani Landeen will fight for you every step of the way. Hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Sioux Falls, SD when you contact us today.

We can help with any assault case

No matter your charges, you can rely on our assault lawyer to represent you with zeal. We defend clients from cases involving...

  • Simple assault and battery, ranging from threats of violence to physical attacks
  • Assault with a deadly weapon or with intent to kill
  • Sexual assault charges for both men and women

Defend yourself and your future by calling our criminal defense law firm at 605-332-2212 today.