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Remain Active in Your Child's Life

Gain a powerful ally during your child custody battle in Sioux Falls, SD by contacting Landeen Law, P.C.

Children are often the ones most deeply affected by divorce. If you're going through a separation that involves children, it's never safe to assume who will be granted custody. The court bases its decision on many factors, so it's important to have a child custody attorney on your side. Contact Landeen Law, P.C. today for family law support in Sioux Falls, SD.

Child custody battles are rarely civil. Tiffani, lead family law attorney at Landeen Law, P.C., will always place your child's needs first.

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Defend your parental rights

Having custody of your child gives you the power to make important life decisions that will impact their future. Your child custody attorney will defend your rights to:

  • Stay involved in your child's education
  • Determine if and when you see your child
  • Make decisions about their health care

Continue to play a vital role in your child's life. Whether you're seeking custody after a divorce, changing custody or establishing new custody, reach out to Landeen Law, P.C. for sound legal counsel.