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Don't Go Into A Legal Battle Alone

A criminal law attorney from Landeen Law, P.C. in Sioux Falls, SD can represent you

Even an accusation of a crime like driving under the influence can have a severe impact on your life. You'll want experienced legal counsel for your case. Tiffani is a criminal law attorney in Sioux Falls, SD. Her firm, Landeen Law, P.C., has an established history of helping clients with cases involving DUI and controlled substance abuse charges.

You might consider hiring a veteran DUI lawyer because...

  • Tiffani can help you through the complex legal process
  • A criminal law attorney can fight to have your DUI removed from your record
  • Your DUI lawyer can make an argument for you to keep your license

Discuss the details of your case with a skilled criminal law attorney by calling 605-332-2212.

Make sure you have an attorney on your side

Tiffani believes you're innocent until proven guilty. Whether your charges involve juvenile crimes, controlled substance abuse, victims' rights or DUI, your case will be taken seriously. Satisfaction and freedom from burden is important. She wants to make sure you will not have to stress about your legal predicaments.

Contact Tiffani today to get experienced legal representation in Sioux Falls, SD for DUI, assault, misdemeanor or felony charges.