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Fight For Your Paternal Rights

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As a father, you have a right to be a part of your child's life. While you may be worried about the court siding with mothers in many cases, that doesn't have to be your outcome. Work with Landeen Law, P.C. to fight for your paternal rights in the courtroom. Based in Sioux Falls, SD, our lead attorney has nearly 20 years of experience advocating for those she represents.

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Helping you through this difficult time

Fathers' rights are often overlooked in the courtroom, especially when it comes to custody cases. Our local attorney will represent you and tell your side of the story.

You can depend on Attorney Tiffani Landeen to...

  • Go over all of the details of your case with you
  • Put together a strong argument on your behalf
  • Advocate for you in front of the judge
We understand that fathers' rights are just as important as mothers' rights. Don't give up hope - Landeen Law is on your side. Call 605-332-2212 now to start building your case.